Bright Star like object in Potchefstroom

Date: 05/02/2016
Time: 04:30 am
Place: Potchefstroom
Submitted by: Chaven Yenketswamy

I was up early and went outside. Some of the bigger planets were already risen.Jupiter towards the Western Horizon and the crescent moon and Venus in the East. The bright star Porrima facing North. I decided to get my sky binoculars 15×70 mm which are sometimes do to look at the positions of the moons of Jupiter. I could only see one moon to the left and was wondering where the others where.

I held down my binoculars for a while looked up at the sky an saw a bright star like object almost as large as Jupiter.It had a whitish luminosity. I immediately fixed my binoculars to this strange object. It was clearly similar in appearance to a bright star. However after a few seconds its glow dimished substantially to that of a less prominent star but still travelling in a Northly direction. I gage its speed was similar to that of a passenger airliner.

I followed the point like object for about two minutes before it was out of visibility.

Iam curious to know what type of spacecraft can glow so brightly to a magnitude as bright as Jupiter and then switch off and reduce its intensity.

Round Bright Light in sky | Aliwal North

Date: 09/01/2016
Time: 03:47 am
Place: Aliwal North
Submitted by: Lisa Cochius

Roundish extremely bright light-more than one- stationary in the sky.Tried to take pics and a video with cell-Looks like the moon on footage-but so so bright.Couldn’t capture stars-but this object however!Can see more than one light on occasions-still out there if anyone can look.Also saw it in Rouxville still now.

White lights seen over Allensnek, West Rand, Gauteng

Date: 29/12/2015
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Allensnek
Submitted by:

My mom daughter and i were at the pool when i looked up and saw two very bright lights under cloud level flying towards each other at great speed. They then stopped and half circled each other. The one shot off in direction of pretoria at impossible speed, from bright to almost invisible light instantly. The other shot up vertically where it then stopped above cloud level, where it was visible between the clouds, hovering for at least 20 minutes. Continue Reading…

Bright light in Hilton

Time and date: 31 October 2015 at ?
Place: Hilton, KZN
Submitted by: Kelso

Saturday night I was in Hilton overlooking the PMB area when my eye was drawn to a sudden white light that presented itself in the night sky. My initial impression was that it was an airplane and i was catching its “headlight” beam. However there was no accompanying flashing lights as one normally sees. This light rose quickly but steadily into the night sky progressively becoming dimmer as it started moving away towards the horizon. What made me really curious was at the same time on the horizon I noticed a aircraft moving from east to west. The time it took for the identified aircraft to move a quarter of the sky the other object had progressed almost beyond the horizon. So the object was most definitely moving faster than a normal passenger jet at I would guess at least 3-5x the normal rate. Another suspicion was that it was a meteorite of some sought but the change in direction and not signs of trail behind object made me suspicious. Anyways I thought I would share as I was unable to logically conclude what it was.

Bright Light over Sir Lowry’s Pass: Photos

Time and date: 28 September at 5:30 AM
Place: Sir Lowry’s Pass
Submitted by: Nici Janse van Rensburg

My mom and I was driving to Heidelberg Western Cape and drove through Sir Lowry’s Pass at about 5:30 am. We saw a very bright light in a north-east direction. Being in aviation myself I knew it couldn’t be a plane. It was quite high too, but not a star. I took a picture of it, zooming in on it to the max. It looked like a cell under a microscope! It wasn’t moving at all. As the sun raised all other stars disappeared but this light stayed. We had eyes on it until about 6:30ish, then it became overcast and we didn’t see it again. I called a friend in Johannesburg to see whether it might be a planet, but it seems that only that area could see it. The first picture is the close up of the second. Continue Reading…

Stationary Bright Object – Weltevreden Park

Time and date: 26 September 2015 at 1:30 AM
Place: Weltevreden Park
Submitted by: Albert Vermeulen

On Saturday morning after letting the dogs out I was standing outside my home and observed a very bright stationary light north east of of Weltevreden Park. It is impossible to estimate the size but from where the object was observed:

Stationary in the air approx 3 times the size of Venus with the light emitted changing very intermittently and slowly from a bright white to a dark amber and sometimes red. The light did not pulsate like a warning light on a plane but slowly and gradually changed from white to dark amber and red. Continue Reading…

Noisy Bright Lights – Rooihuiskraal

Time and date: 29 September 2015 at 11:35 PM
Place: Rooihuiskraal
Submitted by: Jo

Monday evening 11:35.
Rooihuiskraal Noord, Goshawk street.
Sitting at my pc, house is quiet. My son asleep, my boyfriend out.
I hear this noise. (Soos ‘n gedreun van ‘n lae vliegtuig, generator van ‘n buurman)

I get up, walk to the other side of the house to the lounge, to look out the door to try and see and hear whats going on. Heard it louder but could not establish where it was coming from. Continue Reading…

Hout Bay UFO with Photos

Time and date: 27 September 2015 at 16:30
Place: Hout Bay
Submitted by: Clinton Warricker

Took photos on the beach in Hout Bay at about 16h30 today 27 September 2015. I only noticed the 2 objects after I saw the photo at home. The 1st pic is the general area where the bright light is. 2nd pic is of the light in the bottom centre and on the upper right the squarish object which is zoomed in in the 3rd pic.

I also have another photo from a previous day which I have included. It shows strange “things” in the sky above Sea Point which don’t appear to be birds. Also converted to negative format.

Photos below: Continue Reading…

Bright light in upright saucer shape – Lanseria Area

Time and date: 23 September 2015 at 5:00
Place: Lammermoor, Swartkop, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Martin Boult

My partner & I saw this extremely bright light in an upright saucer shape in the Lammermoor, Swarrtkop area in Johannesburg this morning at about 05h00. It was there until the sun peeped over the horizon.

Can anyone assist with information?