UFO sighting in Parow North + photo

Place: Parow North
Time and date: 18 December 2012 at 1 AM
Submitted by: Innes

Last night(this morning) around 1am I stepped outside and saw a very very bright light in the sky. It was probably a couple of kilometers away. At first I thought it was just a very bright star but it didn’t make sense since I stand outside every night to look at the stars an I’ve never seen this star. Continue Reading…

UFO sighting in Cape Town #4 with photos

Place: Outskirts of Cape Town CBD in direction of Milnerton and
Ysterplaat Air Force Base
Time and date: Between 21h10 and 21h22 on December 1, 2012
Submitted by: JP

I am staying on the second (Top) level of an apartment complex in Bergvliet in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. My living room window facing directly North towards Table Mountain, Devil’s Piek and the University of Cape Town (UCT). I have an unobstructed view of the mountain and the Cape Flats. Cape Town International Airport is located to the North Eastern side of my apartment towards the Boland Mountains. I can see the airplanes approaching the airport from a North Eastern direction to land at the airport, even when they are still over the Boland Mountains. Normally on a Saturday evening, the flying aircraft over Cape Town is very limited to nothing. Continue Reading…

UFO sightings in November 2011

Time and date: 18, 20 and 22 November 2011 at 22:00
Submitted by: Kristy

My husband and I had 3 sightings in November. It was at around 10pm on the 18th, 20th and 22nd. The object actually changed colour, first blue, orange and finally back to white.
Even called my grandmother who is staying with us and she too witnessed the phenom. It hung around for a few moments so we managed to get the telescope on it. It was NOT a star. Weird circular object with black and white patterns in the centre. We were actually all a bit freaked out to say the least. My granny who is a hardcore 79 yr old Christian now believes in the existence of extra terrestrials. Amazing!