UFOs every night over Bloemfontein

I live on a farm outside Bloemfontein. Me and my wife have been observing UFOs over Bloemfontein every night. Flat, dark objects with no lights move in and out of a “fog” covering the city. To me it still seems like some kind of harvest. Unfortunately our cameras can’t capture the activity on vid or pic.

I read on another great website that the aliens are exploiting an energy source on earth – human soul. Kind of makes you wonder..

Strange Light South of Bloemfontein

Time and date: 7 August 2015 at 20:30 PM
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: Rudolph

Saw 3 weird lights tonight 7 August 2015, 20:30+_pm. I live in Bloemfontein and saw a triangle formation in lights going on and off in the sky. They were not moving so it was no plane or satellite. The lights were going on and off in a triangular shape and and was visible for about 6 minutes in one spot. No pics available but my wife was a witness.

UFO sighting in Brandfort

Place: Brandfort, Free State
Time and date: 10 April 2013
Submitted by: Donovan

I live in a small town 60km North from Bloemfontein. Last night me and my wife sat outside as we noticed a huge cloud or fog covering Bloemfontein. The cloud had a red glow. For 20min we watched UFOs moving in and out of Bloemfontein. They came out of the cloud, moving in groups of 2. They where very big. I was so shocked an couldn’t stop looking. There where 8 UFOs. It was crazy. Continue Reading…

Three Triangular-shaped Craft | Bloemfontein

Place: Bloemfontein
Time and date: 2013-02-25 22:40
Submitted by: Mark Thompson

It was very warm in Bloem last night so I sat up to open the window above my bed, upon which I noticed the following strange phenomena in the sky: 3 triangular shaped craft holding in a west to north formation over the approximate vacinity of Tempe AFB. Continue Reading…

Soundless Red Light in Bloemfontein

Place: Bloemfontein
Time and date: 20h15 29 Jan 2013
Submitted by: Gerrie van der Walt

A soundless red light was seen over Bloemfontein from North to South. It moved under the clouds at the speed of an aeroplane. It was seen for 3 minutes.

Original text:

Sonder enige geluid het die helder rooi lig oor Bloemfontein van noord na suid net onder die wolke beweeg teen spoed van ‘n ligte vliegtuig. Was 3 min sigbaar.

UFO sighting in Bloemfontein

Time and date: 4 August 2012 at 5 AM
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: CH

I woke up this morning on my farm outside Bloemfontein awaked by my dogs barking mad to Bloem’s way. I took the torch and saw nothing. While looking out the window for intruders I noticed a very bright star situated “low” over Bloem. I went to the bathroom, on my way back to bed I checked out the window a last time for any intruders, I suddenly noticed something moved, I looked up and this ‘bright star’ was suddenly very higher than 5 minutes earlier. Continue Reading…