Black triangular shaped over Lakeside

Time and date: 12 June 2014 at 4:10 PM
Place: Lakeside, Cape Town
Submitted by: Leisl Sutton

Just spotted a black triangular shaped object over Lakeside in Cape Town. Had just reached the top section of Ou Kaapse Weg heading home, so was about 4:10pm. As I rounded the corner at the top I saw it in the sky. Black in colour and at first I thought it was a jet but the passenger in my car also saw it and thought it was a kite as it was not moving at all. We could not stop due to traffic but both of us had a good look. Was quite close and high and totally stationary. One side of it looked white, but might have been the reflection from the sun. Continue Reading…

Black UFO

Time and date: At 6:10pm on 15th March 2014.
Place: ?
Submitted by: Alison Fourie

I took my dogs outside and as always was looking up in the sky, there were many swallows flying around, as I looked around I spotted a black object higher than the swallows, flying in a straight line from North to East. As it went along, it was flying underneath the clouds which were wispy white/grey clouds, more blue sly than clouds. I called my daughter to come and see. Continue Reading…