Possible UFO sighting in Durban

TIme and date: 7:45 pm 07/03/2014.
Place: Queensbourgh, Durban
Submitted by: Duncan

I just witnessed a possible UFO siting. I saw an object about the size of a dim star. At first I thought it was an aeroplane but it wasn’t flasing and it was moving way too fast to be a plane. It went across the sky quite fast so I thought it was a meteor but I saw it again a few minutes later coming from the same place in the opposite ditection. This repeated several times until it eventually stopped. It was completely silent.

UFO at Newlands??

Time and date: 4 March 2014
Place: Newlands stadium, Cape Town
Submitted by: Shannon

Was wondering if anyone else saw this strange object in the sky towards Stellenbosch side from Newlands stadium. Black object with “cloud” like halo. Hovered for a few minutes in the same spot and then disappeared! Please zoom in above the red cap on kid and sky between the umbrellas. The object is midway between the top of the trees and the arm of the bottom umbrella.



Lights Moving in Unison – Pretoria

Time and date: 27/02/2014 at 21:05
Place: Suburb Rietfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Gerhard Versfeld

I was looking straight up at the stars while talking on the phone.
The two objects came down from a higher altitude and also became brighter as it was decending. Descent was very fast.

The lights did not only get brighter but moved apart and it was then clear that it was decending.
The object/objects consisted of two lights at a height of approxamately 3000-4000 feet. This is my impression. Continue Reading…

Strange colour in the centre of the storm

blue cloud lanseria

Time and date: Nov 21 2013
Place: Lanseria airport
Submitted by: Jon-Vincent Robinson

A typical highveld thunder storm, so we thought. As it took shape it became almost saucer shaped. It got real low down on the ground and was surrounded by a light fog.

The wind was coming from behind us toward the storm and then the whole centre of this very odd shaped low lying cloud began to glow this peculiar aqua marine/blue hue. All was very quiet for a big storm such as this. The other odd thing was the enormous ammount of lightning and no rain. Continue Reading…

Direction-changing Aircraft – Johannesburg

Time and date: 11 January 2014 at 10 PM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Jean-M arc

Last night 11/02/14 at around 10 PM in Sydenham, Johannesburg I saw something that looked like an aeroplane moving in the sky but it was much too far up to be a plane or maybe a satellite? It was moving very slowly in a straight line then it slowly started drifting onto a new trajectory and moved in that direction for about 30 seconds and then change direction. It did this several times as it started moving away. I don’t have a telescope but with my eye I could make out that it was much bigger and brighter than anything in the sky last night. Did anyone else see the same thing last night?

UFO – Bedfordview 26/09/2013

Time and date: 16 September 2013
Place: Bedfordview
Submitted by: Pieter van der Merwe

I received an MMS from my Father, a photo of what he believed could have been a UFO / sighting over Bedforview (26/09/2013). My Father and I last saw a UFO back in 1992/3 in the Roodepoort area.

I played with the image on my phone but could not perfect the picture. It does however resemble a strange shape unlike that of a star or a plane.
I still have the image on my phone but I’m not sure to what extent the image can be scrutinized?



UFO sighting in Centurion

Place: Centurion – Thatchfield
Time and date: 22h00 – 1 September 2013
Submitted by: Naleen R

I was driving toward my place in Centurion last night and noticed these lights in the sky very far away at this point. There were 2 lights, the red had a very slow flicker and the white had a more faster flicker and I thought that it could very well be an aircraft of some sort……But as I got closer to home I noticed that the craft was hovering over the Centurion area, literally coming closer to the ground and then moving up, so I parked my car to observe the craft. I stood there for about 5 minutes and watched this craft almost land in the distance and then slowly move away into the sky until it disappeared. I felt very positive thoughts and feelings while all of this was happening and I do feel that there is about to be “First Contact” with our “Higher Beings”

Unidentified Red Light | Parklands

Place: Parklands/Table View
Time and date: 22:30 2013-08-18
Submitted by: Craig Dell

My wife and I just witnessed a red light rising up into the sky. It got dimmer as it got higher. It was just under the brightest star in the South Eastern sky. It blinked and then disappeared. There were no other coloured lights around it and no sound as if to be a plane that could have taken off from Cape Town international. Where we live in Parklands it was just to the right of Tygerberg Hill.

Bright Orange Orb | East London

Place: East London, Eastern Cape
Time and date: 2 August 2013 at 20:25
Submitted by: Amelia

A bright orange orb (I realized that is what you call it after research on your site) a bit bigger than a chinese lantern and absolutely soundless. It appeared in the sky in an area that we could observe between two buildings, at the height of a low flying aircraft. Continue Reading…