Table View UFO sighting

Place: Table View, Cape Town
Time and Date: 06:30 29.04.2013
Submitted by: Jacky

Came out this morning to say good bye to my hubby when I looked up into the sky towards Table Mountain because something moving caught my eye. I don’t know if it was a plane (maybe shining in the morning light) but it looked exactly like a star moving away from Table Mountain towards the Northern suburbs. Not very fast but at a steady speed but with no other flashing or colored lights… and also absolutely no sound. It really just looked like a moving star but definitely not a meteor as it was moving parallel to the ground. It looked like it was to low to be a satellite but in all honesty just do not know what it is as I have never seen anything like it before… Am hoping that maybe someone else can shed some light on what I saw. I lost sight of it after it went over the skyline in my sight of view.

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