T-shaped object – Greyton

Date: 03/02/2016
Time: 02:22 am
Place: Greyton
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I awoke in the early hours of this morning, feeling like i had awoken from a very deep sleep. I looked out the bedroom window where i am staying the night to see this object with many lights all flashing in unison. I jumped up to see what it was and it started rising. I realised that it was very close to me but there was absolutely no sound at all. It then rose quite rapidly and went over the house and disappeared from sight behing the house but by then I had estimated that it had risen to a much higher altitude. I became quite fearful for a few minutes. I looked at my cell phone clock ad it was 02.22. Then at 02.54 I received a WhatsApp message from an old lady who lives a few blocks away saying that she had seen strange lights in the sky but thought it was some kind of strange lightning or something. I have no idea what this object was but I did think it was some kind of vessel. The longer end ot the T seemed to be the forward part.

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  1. No pics☆

    • Smell -A- Rat

      I’ll be more concerned about the Old Lady being awake@ 2:00am and knowing that you are as well…

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