Symbol by roadside

Date: 23/06/2016
Time: 10:06 am
Place: Between Graaff Reinet and Pearston road
Submitted by: Anton


No craft sighted. Only a strange symbol was found next to the road. The previous day no activity took place in that area. On the 23rd of June I drove on thatbroad to conduct inspections on any impacts on the site (I am the environmental officer). At km 27.5 on route to Pearston I noticed something next to the road. I drove back suspecting a spill. However I noticed the strange symbol/ design next to road. It had been seemingly drawn. On closer inspection I noticed no scratch marks in the soil. The pebbles (dark areas in picture provided) had been moved aside without disturbing the soil. I took a few photos but never reported it as I didn’t find it important.

I am unsure if it’s designed and made by man or others. So it is open for debate.

2 thoughts on “Symbol by roadside

  1. Wow! this is quite interesting, what or who could have made this. I am really interested in knowing what happened here. I am a fanatic about strange things etc. Email me lets talk.

  2. Fascinating. Did you ever find out what it was? Almost like a crop circle. Did you send the photos to mufon?

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