Streaking object seen going down in pretoria east

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 06:05 am
Place: Moreleta Park
Submitted by: Trev


On our way home from crossfit this morning, somewhere between 6:05 and 6:10, my partner and I saw something bright in the sky. We were heading uphill on Rubenstein Road, where we stopped dead to observe something plummeting to the ground at an incredible speed.

My instinctive reaction was that an aircraft was about to crash: however it seemed unlikely owing to the sheer speed of it. Also, trailing behind it was showering sparks and greenish fire (for lack of a better term).

It’s hard to articulate something cohesively, when you’re confronted with something that you’ve never seen the likes of. Which is probably why I was greeted with apprehension when I attempted to contact news agencies: in hopes of finding out who else saw what we saw.

Also, considering the fact that we followed it’s progress close to point where it must have struck (at least from our perspective, it was) we were expecting to meet broadcasts of some kind about it’s impact.

Whatever it was it appeared quite large in size and we reckon it must have made quite a dent, wherever it met the earth. However, we can only speculate: neither my partner or I speak with any authority on the topic.

But, we did see it. And it was quite a sighting. We were so dumbstruck, we failed to take a picture (not that there would have been much time for it any case).

11 thoughts on “Streaking object seen going down in pretoria east

  1. My husband saw the same thing this morning just after 6a.m in Pietermaritzburg, so it must have been travelling at an incredible speed to have reached that far!

  2. My fiancé and I were travelling past the airport this morning. We noticed the light crossing the sky. I said it had to be a flare. But now reading the other posts on this blog. I am starting to doubt myself

  3. So glad we not the only ones that saw this my husband and i saw it too from Benoni western ext. side .

  4. Interesting.

    Could this be related to the report submitted by Cronje du Toit? (

    I can check, but my best guess at the moment would be an asteroid or space junk re-entering the atmosphere.

  5. I have video footage of the same object. Saw it at Willow Park Manor around the same time 6:04, but Willow Park Manor and Rubenstein is almost 20km apart… when I saw it, it made a sharp descent for the ground. Did I perhaps see another part of the same object that broke into pieces?

  6. Rentia Aspeling

    I saw this as well but from Doornpoort Suburb!! It was awesome.. something I’ve never seen before.. Way to slow for a shooting star!!!

  7. Juanita Potgieter

    Hi, I saw the exact same bright green light over Bloemfontein this morning just after 6 am.

  8. Emma and Eryn

    My daughter and I also saw it, travelling towards great north road by the engen garage very close to the ground by the

  9. Juanita Potgieter

    Hi there, one of my colleagues and I saw the exact same ball of green light over Bloemfontein just after 6am on the 15th.

  10. my hubby and I also saw this. exactly as you describe it.

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