Strange UFO sighting in Wellington/Tulbagh area

Date: 07/07/2016
Time: 09:30 am
Place: Tulbagh
Submitted by: Elouise


On my way to see a client for work in Tulbagh area I started seeing these two white objects in the sky while I was driving from Durbanville to Wellington. I first thought it was a small plane, but after observing it it could not have been as its too high up in the sky and a small plane’s smoke trails doesnt look like that. The whole way while I was driving it appeared, then disappeared – first flighing in downwards motion like a meteor dissappearing, then appearing all the sudden with a bright light shooting upwards until it disappeared?? Just as I thought they were gone one suddenly appeared again – thats when I pulled over to take a pic. This is not the first time i saw these objects in the same area.


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