Strange shape in Kleinmond

Time and date: 11 April 2014
Place: Kleinmond, Western Cape
Submitted by: Russell Witthuhn

While taking photos using a quadcopter of the Kleinmond harbour area on the 11 April 2014 using a standard GoPro Hero 2 set to 2 second time lapse, this strange object appeared in one of the images but was not found 2 seconds later or earlier photos. The image was taken at 1/3250. I only found the image while running through them afterwards.

It appears to be a cylindrical object with what appears to be white angel wings at the bottom. Also an aerial or something on the top.

ufo in kleinmond

ufo kleinmond 2

3 thoughts on “Strange shape in Kleinmond

  1. I’m afraid that from the description and the image, that is most likely an insect

  2. Hi I was looking a this object with the wings ect . and is this not a falcon
    taking a white pigeon in mid air ? the speed at which the Peregrine
    falcon takes its prey in flight would lead to blurring of the image.

  3. Hi Dan, I’m not familiar with a insect that can appear then disappear within 2 seconds. Also never seen a insect like that. Please elaborate.

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