Strange Reflective Hexagonal object in the skies over Tygerberg Hills in Cape Town

Time and date: 6 December 2015 at 3 PM
Place: Tygerberg Hills, Cape Town
Submitted by: Michael

My wife and I were in the swimming pool yesterday afternoon round about 3 o’clock. She spotted something high in the sky which she thought was a star, but it was too early for stars to be out at that time of the day. It was at quite a height but we could still see it clearly. She at first thought it was a balloon but I could see it rotating and reflecting the sunlight constantly off what i could only describe as a hexagonal shape yet the object was completely stationary and didn’t move from its position for almost 15 minutes until it disappeared from the sky. It didn’t make any sound. this is the 3rd sighting my wife and I have experienced in about a month.

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