Strange red light

Date: 28/04/2018
Time: 07:31 pm
Place: Port Elizabeth charlo area
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Last night around 7.30pm while climbing out my car a light in the night sky caught my attention, not thinking anything of it(it was a constant red light basically like a aeroplane,with a faint flashing light)as it was moving in a straight i was walking to the gate i noticed that it had stopped in a stationery position.i stopped dead in my tracks and focused my attention on the light making sure that what i was seeing was really happening,and it had stopped.i then called my girlfriend who was already inside the house, at that moment the light began to move slowly 90degrees of its original direction until i couldnt see it past the silhouettes of nearby had roughly stayed stationery for about a minute or so.its not the first time I have seen strange lights but not quite like that before.

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