Strange objects with multiple lights flying over Pietermaritzburg

Date: 02/02/2016
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: Lungisani Zondi

It was a normal clear sky night yesterday and myself and a couple of friends were relaxing outside the driveway coincidentally discussing about stars and speed of light,just a minute after that conversation one of my friends asked us guys what are those lights?..and to our curiosity we all looked up to see these lights which were in alignment to where the sun usually sets and looked as if the object was flying close to the ground but as it moved closer it was evident that the object was clearly at a distance..and we argued whether planes or jets could fly that high..but the lights of the object were the most intriguing they flashed in Red,white and green all at the same time…With green on the side of the object and red at the top and bottom of the front side strangely flicking just as lights on an ambulance or police car..this object continued to fly through our sky and disappeared to where the sun usually rises..almost in a straight line and continuously flicking,what shocked us all is that every night we’re at this driveway and can see the airport in the horizon and usually see aircraft that are arriving,departing or circling waiting to land quite easily…I wonder if other people saw these lights too..

2 thoughts on “Strange objects with multiple lights flying over Pietermaritzburg

  1. Red and green are common on aircraft. The different colours on different sides are to indicate the aircraft’s position and vector to other aircraft in the flight zone. Planes traveling eastward were likely headed to King Shaka airport on the coast.

  2. FYI…The link posted below shows the position of lights on aircraft

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