Strange objects during thunderstorm – Bethal

Time and date: 21 January 2014
Place: Bethal, Mpumalanga
Submitted by: Petro

I took these photos in BETHAL Mpumalanga. We have a lot of Highveld Storms late in the afternoons. I started taking pictures of these approaching storms as the cloud formations are stunning!

But every now and again I notice these weird “things” in the clouds.
There is NO sound just movement ( very fast !! ) I was told that there is a defect on my camera but why would the “defect” only show up on 2 photos in 500 that I took over a 3 month period?
And it does not fit the “swamp gas, weather balloon or ball lightning” theory !!






Do you guys have an idea ?

2 thoughts on “Strange objects during thunderstorm – Bethal

  1. hello,
    in the third photo from the top below, and in line with, the UFO there seems to be a constellation of orbs.
    Very interesting.
    Great pictures.

  2. Wow look at those orbs,so many of them..incredible sighting!

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