strange object sighted over Bethulie, Free State

Date: 02/06/2017
Time: 07:30 am
Place: Bethulie
Submitted by: Zeenat Sharaf


looked liked a bright flickering star with the naked eye. When you look through a binoculars, you can see a circle with bright blue, red and green lights moving in a circular motion. Also moved from time to time in a zig zag motion. Could spot it for about 90 min.

3 thoughts on “strange object sighted over Bethulie, Free State

  1. Zeenat Sharaf

    Hi Peter

    I would love to know what this strange object was.It was still sighted after 7 hours. Can drones last this long.

    • Your original report says “Could spot it for about 90 min…” and here you say it was sighted after 7 hours? Did you witness it after 7 hours? Or is it secondary information that you want to support your sighing?

      What you described is a drone.

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