Strange Lights – Thabazimbi

Have just discovered your site and decided to post this.

Sometime in 2000 a friend and I were working on one of the mines in the Northam area however we where staying at a lodge in Thabazimbi and would travel every morning to the mine.
One morning about six o’clock or so George was driving while I was trying to sleep, opening my eyes I noticed a strange light in the sky in the direction we where traveling, it was as if a fluorescent tube was moving up and down inside the clouds, the clouds were those thin wispy clouds that you know will burn off with the heat of the sun, none the less it was still quite a thick cloud cover, the lights never came out from below the cloud but always stayed inside it.

The light was the brightest white light I had ever seen and unlike a torch it did not spread out as it moved up and down and I can only describe it as a tube of light.
I asked George if he could see the light also and he said he had been watching it for some time now, not long after that a second and then third tube of light started descending inside the clouds close to the first, they were not a perfect triangle and neither where they rising and falling at the same time but rising and descending independently of each other.

This went on for five or so minutes when a much much larger tube of light descended and engulfed the three smaller ones, I have never seen a light as bright as this in my life all of a sudden the larger light ascended up into the cloud and one by one the smaller lights followed it up also.

By this time the road we where on had turned away from the lights and we where now traveling towards the rising sun, I kept looking at the lights and noticed that when the last of them had disappeared within seconds perhaps two or three kilometres into the gloom the rising and following started up again.

I have got know idea what we where looking at but I know the lights where not coming from the ground like a search light and the brightness of the tube was like nothing I have seen before or since.

If anybody know what was the cause I would be glad of an explanation its been over 14 years now and I still cant forget that morning.

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  1. Sometime between 1992-1995 I was playing golf at Thabazimbi golf club. While practicing on the putting green I had a glimse of something big in the sky. If I can remember correctly, this was around early the afternoon to mid-day. I saw a cylinder shaped object white in colour and to me it seemed like it was burning and very bright. I saw this post and think it could be the same thing I saw. I stared at this thing for about 5 min or so as it seemed to be standing still in one position the whole time. My initial thought was it was some space rubble or something in the atmosphere and I stopped staring and went on with my golf. When I looked up again I saw it was gone. I regret that I stopped looking at it to have seen what was going to happen next. Just like this post I can’t forget about it and will always wonder.

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