Strange lights over parklands

Last Saturday, I was just pulling into our road in Sunningdale, when I noticed 4 strange lights in the sky above my garage. I watched for a while and realised that it wasn’t stars. I then started to video the event on my iPhone. The lights hung there for a while and then the lower two dimmed and I then saw then move off towards the north quite quickly (faster than a small plane could fly). The highest one then dimmed and went straight up into the sky and disappeared. The last one stay in place for a little while longer and then also dimmed and moved off towards the north following the first two. The video clearly shows the lights and then the dimming but unfortunately it was too dark for the video to capture the movements north and upwards into the sky. Let me know if you want the video. Mike

One thought on “Strange lights over parklands

  1. Hi Mike,

    Are you referring to Saturday, 21 June? If yes my boyfriend & I possibly saw what you did.
    At about 19h30 we saw a red round light move very fast over our house in sunningdale, about an hour or so later their was another 3 in the distance over melkbos area and then at about 9 /10 i think it was we saw 4 come up from our view looked to be over parklands area, they came up together in an almost pattern, one dropped straight down, the other two moved off to the side and the one lingered…. Please send me the video i would be curious to see it. I also took a video of the first one we saw but all you really see is a red light… cant actually see how fast they move.

    Would love to know what they are….but suppose we never will 🙂

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