Strange Lights in the night sky

Date: 05/11/2016
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: N12 Freeway near delmas
Submitted by: Msizi


My girlfriend and I were coming back from her sisters party in Delmas (Mpumalanga).
We were on the N12 headed westbound back towards Johannesburg (we live in HoneyDew). About 3-5 kilometers after passing the sign that reads (65 KM from Johannesburg) I first saw a group of lights that were sort of hovering I would say about 5 KM from the ground. I immediately asked my girlfriend if she can see those lights up ahead (The lights were about 1 kilometer ahead of us). She said yes and I asked her what the hell is that and she said I have no idea. We were both just in shock I think we both realized at that moment that we were looking at something from another planet. We were both in such disbelief that we did not even think to pull out a phone & start recording we were just staring at this mysterious flying object. I was doing between 80 – 100 KM/H when we 1st saw the object and then I proceeded to accelerate in an attempt to get closer and perhaps a better view. 30 seconds after I started accelerating towards the object it moved at a great rate of speed (away from our car) and the next second it was gone. It did not fly upwards it flew horizontally and then disappeared which is mind-boggling. As I said earlier my girlfriend and I did not take any pictures or video but I did upload a google image of exactly where we were and a Microsoft paint illustration just to give you guys an idea of what the thing looked like to us. My girlfriend and I still have no idea what we saw in the sky that night because we familiar with aeroplanes , helicopters , drones , etc but what we saw that night is neither.

3 thoughts on “Strange Lights in the night sky

  1. Christof van Tonder

    Hallo please comment on following:

    Colour of the lights
    Any noise?
    What form did they fly in? Rectangular/Triangulat etc
    5km/5000 m above the ground is quite high (16400 feet) As high as Mt kilimanjaro (well almost)


  2. Christof van Tonder

    1 km from you but 5km above the ground? Confusing

  3. Loretta Van Wyk

    My family and I saw strange lights dashing horizontally above the clouds on Saturday evening (10 December 2016). There were three lights, one larger than the other two. We live in the Old East of Pretoria. We are wondering if anyone else saw them? Unfortunately we didn’t film the lights. We have never seen anything like this before and are still baffled.

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