Strange light towards Parow North/Belville Area

Time and date: 10 January 2014 at 22:05
Place: Parow North/Bellville area
Submitted by: Ivan

I was driving on the Platekloof road tonight (10.01.2014) going back home with my wife. Exactly at 22:05 when we approached Plattekloof Village Shopping Centre, we noticed some light high up in the sky and at first we thought it might be a falling star or comet. Then we got confused as object was speeding down incredibly fast (towards Earth) looking like it will crash (from our position – in the direction of Tygerberg Nature Reserve/Parow North/Belville).

After 3-5 seconds object was even closer to Earth and this time we were confident it is something else as it was quite big (size of commercial airplane we would say), in blue neon light, sort of cylinder shape and didn’t make any sound.

When it got to a certain distance (we’ve perceived object very close to Tygerberg Nature Reserve hill) it just disappeared into thin air and left tiny light trail for 1/2 second.
Whole event lasted for +- 10 seconds.
Not sure what it was, but I am sure we would not the only one seeing it.

3 thoughts on “Strange light towards Parow North/Belville Area

  1. A few year ago myself , my wife and my wife friend saw a ufo a few hundred meter off the beach at Blouberg, I estimate it to be 25meters across and 15 m heigh its was spherical and had a purplish aura. As a Aircraft Mechanist and lover of planes I know flying objects very well, to say this was unodanary for man made devices and not a normal plane. This craft first just hovered for a few seconds and then moved parallel to the water surface away from Blowberg towards sea point direction over the ocean and past over the horison at a incredible fast speed, probably 6km per second or faster, then it returned back like a yoyo made a 90 degree turn just before the beach before it made a noiseless flash going through the atmosphere……

  2. Hi Ivan, I am in Milnerton and have seen exactly the same thing as you are describing – it just had an orange glow about instead of blue. It has been on my mind constantly ever since. Perplexing. Have you had any feedback or updates or obtained clarity about this?

  3. Moira Du Toit

    We have been seeing the same strange phenomenon. My hubby and I have been in Gordon’s bay for just over 2Years and we have seen the strange orange lights 3 times. Last sighting They seem to hover then suddenly rear off to the side then shoot up higher than any aircraft is capable of flying. Then they are so high you can t see them any more. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. I know this is not anything man made or asteroids or such like. Its a strange orange ball type glow that gets smaller as it gets higher. What facinates me is why suddenly so many sightings

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