5 thoughts on “Strange light that was moving very slowly – Durban

  1. Thomeshin Govender

    Iv seen it as well if it crashed or landed we human must help the occupens iv seen what our goverment do to these peacefull being in docs & movies

  2. It a plane – sorry.


  3. Interesting… this object was seen two days later (although it was a bit longer) two days later (09/06/2017) in Escombe (see this link for pictures http://uforsa.co.za/make-a-wish).
    I believe I saw the same object just an hour or so earlier that day I commented on there describing what I saw.

  4. Of course ‘it’ was ‘seen’ two days later because both reports are sightings of planes leaving contrails…

    • Dude why you being such a troll?
      It was a meteor (I saw the blue rock at the head of it) I’m guessing it was a Riebeckite rock from the colours it gave off (yellow orange and blue ).

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