Strange Light Strobe in Sky East Rand

Date: 10/06/2018
Time: 05:45 am
Place: Benoni
Submitted by: AnonyMous


Saw a strobing light in the sky. Normally it’s an airplane’s strobe light but this was not in motion. It was completely still.
Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t good enough to capture.

3 thoughts on “Strange Light Strobe in Sky East Rand

  1. Hi , I think I caught what you talking about on video,

    Is this it ? Caught this yesterday evening


    I took this video last night. I was on my way to fetch my kid in Benoni small farms. Their was a light in front of me in the sky. I first thought it was maybe a drone. But then it started moving up and down with incredible speed. As I stopped I got a glimpse of it on video
    After 5 min it looked like a star

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