Strange light in the Durban night sky before storm

2014/01/23 – 08:10 PM
Durban, Glenwood
Submitted by: Stephen

Went outside to let the dogs run around and as always I looked up to the night sky to see a gap in the clouds. Noticed Jupiter shining bright then saw a brighter looking object travelling North East. At first I thought it was a plane, but didn’t notice any flashing lights. Then I thought it was a satellite. From the intensity of the light and speed it was travelling I doubt it was a satellite. It then faded within seconds and disappeared. Too slow for a shooting star. Anyone else see the same thing?

One thought on “Strange light in the Durban night sky before storm

  1. Neil van der Merwe

    hi. I think I saw the same thing in Durban north. looked like a plane very high but no flicking lights.

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