Strange, huge white light on N1 South

Date: 10/03/2017
Time: 02:08 am
Place: South East of the N1 South, 93.8km from Bloemfontein.
Submitted by: Raché


Friday, 10/3/2017,
02.08 am
93.8km from Engen Garage N1 South towards Trompsburg
Full moon but suddenly it was almost like daylight outside and in the car. Wondering what it could be, I looked up to the left. There was a huge oval-shaped, bright white light with a few blue and red sparks at the right bottom, high in the sky, distant south east . My first impression was that there was a huge explosion and that I only saw the last part of it. It was only visible for a few seconds and then disappeared. Traffic was light but there were a few other vehicles on the N1. Would like to know if someone else has seen it and may be shed some light on the subject?

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One thought on “Strange, huge white light on N1 South

  1. Meteorite entering the atmosphere and burning up

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