Strange flying object

My husband and I was travelling back from Bela-Bela Thursday 15 May. 17:30 . Husband is level headed and have had a PL . We both saw what at first looked like a Jet leaving it’s trademark in the sky. could only see the what looked like a smoke trail. We both watched and realized the trial is not extending and no plane is visible. His first words was that looks like a UFO. He estimated as to where the plane should have been if travelling normally and this object was staying on one place. The sky was clear. No clouds we also considered it to be cloud strip. I took a photo and we watch the object very closely, as I wanted to take another picture it dissapeared completely. No smoke strip nothing at all. It was very weird and we continued scanning the sky for any sight of a plane or jet. We are curious. I include the picture I managed through the windscreen. The ?object is one o’clock from the first telephone pole. Hope to hear from you.

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