Strange bright white light

Date: 29/05/2018
Time: 06:44 am
Place: Kraaifontein
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While waiting for the Tiangong 2 satellite to reach its peak brightness at 34 degrees, I was looking around at the stars. I was looking west and then I saw a bright white light moving in the fog then disappearing and reappearing a few seconds afterwards (this happened 2 times) it was moving slowly across the sky at an elevation of around 34 degrees. It almost looked like when you see lightning in the clouds from far away, but it was more concentrated and brighter. There were no airplanes in the direction (west) that I was looking in (according to Flightradar24, the closest airplane was near Paarl and another one was still at the airport).
I have never seen anything like this and I have spent quite a while looking at the night sky.

2 thoughts on “Strange bright white light

  1. Hi My Friend, have you considered other possibilities? If you wish to do so, our team often does field research regarding this possible phenomenon. Feel free to look at our video here to see if the lights you see in the videos are similar to what you observed. Link is: The person speaking at the beggining is me, you are welcome to skip to the 50 second mark for actual footage. They are many other videos on the channel as well. If you resonate with the parts of the content or have questions about this Phenomena, I do not have all the answers clearly but have seriously researched it for a couple of years to date and would love to chat. Feel free to email me at All the best – Ashley

  2. Michelle Muir

    I saw the same thing!!!!!! The flashing lights, moving across the sky, appearing and disappearing again. Before the flashing I saw a object moving rather fast as if it was flying out the earth’s atmosphere (or at least in that direction), looked similar to a small star or satellite, but this one had a red glow to it. It then appeared to get bigger and brighter before releasing a huge burst of red glowing light. This happened twice, the object then changed direction and flew straight over with a dim red glow. It then released another burst of energy shall we call it. Around this time (more or less 07:30) I saw the bright white object flying over as per the post above.

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