Strange Bright light

Date: 26/04/2018
Time: 06:15 pm
Place: Riversdale, Meyerton
Submitted by: Leon Pretorius


. Tonight just after 6pm 26-04-2018. Riversdale, Meyerton. My daughter noticed a bright object coming towards us. She jokingly said look the aliens, she is only 10 so I looked and almost immediately realised that it was not the normal Boeing going towards OR Tambo. I ran and looked at the bright orange/red light moving at probably the speed of a jet. It was at a height of +- 500m and was absolutely silent. It passed us and I kept on following it as it moved in an easterly direction. There was no green or red light or a light flickering indicating that it was an aircraft. In the distance I saw a Boeing heading south and the objects lights went out and back on two or three times. When its lights was off I could make out a solid dark shape which was definitely not a plane. I would love to know if anyone else saw it.

2 thoughts on “Strange Bright light

  1. Saw exactly the same thing in kempton yesterday 12 may 2018 around 6.30 pm def not a plane

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