stragne craft

Date: 16/07/2016
Time: 06:15 am
Place: Pretoria
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I walk to work everyday since I only stay 3km from work. On Saturday Morning as I was walking to work I heard the sound similar to a fighter jet flying high and fast so I looked up to try and see the jet wondering why it would fly over a residential area so early in the morning. What I saw was a craft flying roughly 100 meter above the ground with two bright yellow lights shinning forwards Similar to search lights on some Helicopters which I found very strange. Why would a jet need search lights. There where also no warning lights flashing on the tip of the wings like most planes. The craft was pitch black and since it was still dark out I couldn’t really tell the exact size of it except when it moved in front of stars and clouds. I also wouldn’t have been able to see it if not for the search lights in the front and the light shining out of what I’m assuming where windows or port holes. these where square in and situated above the from lights and on the sides near the front. By looking at the back drop as the craft moved infront of clouds it appeared that there might be small wings on either side however the wings should have been too small to be able to create any form of lift especially for a craft that’s moving so slow (roughly the speed I was walking at). If I had to guess at the size of the craft I would have to say it was probably 10 meter in length by 7 or 8 meter wide.
The craft came over tree tops from my left side and as soon as I spotted the craft it turned towards me at this point it was probably 500 meter in front of me and moved to about 200 meters from me it hovered there for probably 5 min and moved off again. I found this very disturbing since it kept making the sound of a fighter jet but the sound didn’t match the movement nor the height. This made me think that the sound was probably only there to mask it’s presence. This experience gave me an eerie feeling since the sound, movement, altitude, and shape didn’t match each other. This also reminded me of a similar experience I had as a child while playing on a farm in Pyramid near Pretoria.

4 thoughts on “stragne craft

  1. stragne! hahaha someone cant spell

    • Christoff thats very rude.

      Very interesting sighting! We stay in Lyttelton and had a few of these exact sightings over the last few years!

  2. I’ve seen a couple of those same strange aircrafts, matching that description. I keep on seeing them and at this point I’d really like to know what they are!

  3. I live on a farm and have seen the exact same thing. No sound.

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