Starlike objects in broad daylight – Pretoria

Date: 30 November 2015
Time: 8h25-08h55
Place: Garsfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Michelle

I was out in my garden yesterday morning when a flock of noisy birds were swarming around insects. I turned to see what the fuss was about and as they cleared I saw a pinpoint of light in the sky – like star – in the SE. I was still processing how odd for that time of the morning that was when I saw a second. In the space of several minutes – more appeared. I showed my husband who couldn’t really make out what I was pointing at. More appeared to the left of the first until a cluster of around 14 in total were visible in one bunch – I kept recounting to keep track. The entire lot moved across the sky in a high arc toward the NW. Several of the starlike objects formed two identical formations – like an arrow with a short tail. One of the objects was definitely longer in shape than all the rest. Then they just faded from sight.

I was utterly gobsmacked (for the rest of the day and even now) – even called a radio station and must’ve sounded like a complete idiot but I was hoping others around the area would be able to witness what I seeing as well. I did call the neighbours over and one person could make out what I was seeing as well.
I didnt even try taking any pics as they were so far up high in the sky, but I’ve drawn a diagram of the formations.

30 NOV 2015

One thought on “Starlike objects in broad daylight – Pretoria

  1. moving star hiding in the clouds for about 2 minutes before flying eastward into vanishing mode eyewitness from around pretoria townships
    time 19:12 till 19:15 and it was VERY FAST beyond human technology

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