Starlike object moving then disappearing (not a plane)

Date: 28/04/2017
Time: 06:29 pm
Place: Eastern skies. Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: David Kaplan


It’s a clear night with stars shining. This looked exactly like a star but was moving. It wasn’t a plane because no flashing lights higher than a plane and didn’t move like a plane. I see lots of planes because the airport is in that direction and it didn’t look like a plane. It seemed higher and had a bright starlike glow. Again it looked exactly like a star. Same brightness. It moved south east reasonably quickly and then it faded quickly too. It was strange. Hence this report.

10 thoughts on “Starlike object moving then disappearing (not a plane)

  1. Im from Mossel bay – saw it as well after 6pm. Its a satellite darling. The setting sun’s rays shines on its surface in the lower earth orbit.

    • I also saw it, infact I have a video clip. With that speed, I don’t think a setelite can move at that speed.

  2. Chris Groenewald

    We don’t believe this to be a satellite. We saw it over Cape Town skies at 21h23 on 29 April 2017. We saw it again7 minutes later and again twice in the course of approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It appears to be much bigger than a satellite.

  3. I have witnessed planes multiple times that do not appear to have the standard flashing red and green lights, but rather one single non-flashing incandescent light. When taking longer exposure photos, however, it is clear that the red and green lights are present, but due to the observational angle, the front “white” over powers the red and green.

    Was the object moving along a consistent vector? It is incredibly hard to judge height during the day, never mind during the night. Not all planes that fly above you will be landing or taking off at the nearby airport, which may explain the perceived altitude differences.

    Interesting case. I would like to see Thando’s video. Or any footage Chris might have as he had an extended viewing time.

  4. At about 2:30am Saturday 13th May 2017 I saw what I thought to be a star hanging in an easterly direction. I live in walmer heights and am also used to planes / helicopters lights flying in to land or take off. This “star” was moving left to right very slightly then up and down in the same way. I used a huge pinetree nearby to try and measure it’s movement. Finally after watching for at least 10min I went back to bed.

  5. Diesel Jack

    I saw similar light in Australia but initially there were 2 lights circling each other then both disappeared. One came back and slowly crossed the sky before disappearing. Very weird.

  6. Just watched something similar in West Chester Pennsylvania. Light in the sky around 11 pm moving from south to north across Western sky. Went from Dim to Very bright the. Disappear and reappear about 10 seconds later. A plane went by ya the same time, this was MUCH a higher. It took about a minute jute to go all the way across the sky and then completely changed direction and moved north to south. The. We lost track of it. It did not circle for the turn. It just changed direction. When it went bright it was brighter than a star

  7. I saw a bright light moving from West to East. High up moving fast a plain appears coming south to north east. Then it turns south while light fading then nothing no flashing or tail lights.

  8. I understand that a plane can have a bright head light either White or yellow. I see those all the time. They always fly over like normal, the light dissapears when the plane reaches a certain angle. But this was not the case for me one night. This bright white light that I assumed was a star as it did not move for almost 10min. All of a sudden it starts to move faster and faster first sharply ascending then it went into a nosedive straight to the ground. At that point the light went out and we could see that it was a plane because all of a sudden Its right infront of us heading ourway moving really slow overhead like it wasnt normal for a plane to go that slow. It was only 100-200ft above us and did not make a sound! This was at night and it was a full moon which allowed me to get a look at it. It was grey and it was a big plane. It had swept/curved back wings. It had 2 lights which neither were flashing. Just one in the front and one on one of the wings. This was no ordinary plane that I would normally see fly by at a 30000ft altitude. This was right above us.

    • Everyone saying the lights are just planes. Sure I obviously believe that but what I saw was something different.

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