Star shaped object observed over the ocean off Sardinia Bay

Date: 21/01/2017
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Igor


Sitting on the beach watching the waves when my eye caught a whitish opaque ( like a faint cloud white) object in the sky at some distance about 10 – 15 km offshore slowly moving from a W direction across the sky towards the E but initially diagonally/inclining over the ocean, finally parallel to the horizon as it disappeared in the distance too far for my eyes to follow.

Initially I thought it was a commercial airline jet banking, lining up for final approach as they usually do. However it was moving to slow and would stall at that speed. Concentrating my attention on the object, that now appeared to have a star shape configuration with one leading point longer like the front of a fighter jet (Sketched it when I got home) as it did not have the same proportion as an airline plane. Thinking someone is flying a drone off the far dune as this star shaped object briefly came to a halt in the sky. But my mind was saying it is too far out to sea and too large. I briefly looked back and down along the shore line and dune tops to see if I could confirm someone remotely controlling this object but to no avail. My mind was saying it looks like a drone it surely must be. My mind was having a difficult time processing this. It was strange as it was not making sense. Thinking surely it’s too big and far away … Quickly putting my focus back on the object as it started moving again after being stationary for approximately 4-5 seconds it’s shape changed as it briefly maneuvered into a horizontal plane, parallel with the horizon about 40m high. Now it looked more like a disk with a centre dome on top, silvery grey in colour. The dome had a reflective sheen look to it like metal or glass from a distance.

After steadily moving in this dead straight horizontal plane for about 7 seconds faster than when I first noticed it, it stopped in mid air again. Dead still for about 4 seconds. This was confirmation to me this was no aeroplane. My mind was saying it now looks like those little two man helicopters doing surveillance, maybe for abalone poaching, common in these waters. The variables didn’t fit as at that distance away that type of helicopter would appear much smaller. There was also no tail rotor section which I was expecting to eventually notice. Also I was waiting to hear mechanical motor or jet sounds. The wind was blowing lightly onshore S direction so sound should travel unless too far. It made no sound or at least I did not hear anything, maybe too far out. Usually if it’s in sight one most likely would hear something.

After the brief pause it continued in an E direction past Schoenmakers Skop probably a bit faster than what I have seen a regular helicopter cruising. I continued to observe it for any more change. It remained constant, dead horizontal with horizon over the ocean until it diminished in the E.

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