Star like lights

Date: 28/01/2017
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Over Phoenix , Northcoast of Durban , South Africa
Submitted by: Deno


This is the forth time we witnessed these stars moving at high speed across the sky. We noticed five on Saturday night 28/01/17 over the Phoenix area , Northcoast, Durban.

2 thoughts on “Star like lights

  1. its true Deno what you saw. Me, Reagan and my friends noticed tonight 31/01/2015 15 of these unidentified objects in the sky traveling with a fast speed abroad.. between the time of 8:30 to 10:20

  2. I also have notice this in johannesburg, Lenasia , about 8:30pm i saw a star sort of moving very fast , but it did not have a tail stream it only lasted for about 13seconds and disappeared

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