Square UFO in Somerset West

Place: Somerset West
Time and date: 2 January 2015 at 9:30
Submitted by: Denise Schavemaker

Last night at about 9.30pm I looked at the clouds and just a few meters below it I saw a bright light. At first I thought it was a plane but then after starring at it for about 5 min I took a picture and saw that it was in a Square Shape and very bright, After 6 or 7 min the Light started to Move away very slowly and looking back at the Pic I now know it was some kind of Object.

Attach is the photo that was taken in Croydon in Somerset West from my window. You will see the black clouds and just below the Light. When enlarged on my cell phone you will see that shape.

ufo sighting somerset west

3 thoughts on “Square UFO in Somerset West

  1. I was in Gordon’s Bay, I saw 2 bright orange object hovering direction Helderberg Mountains, just after 11:00pm on the 1 Jan 2015 got video footage and then again the next day at about 9:30pm Got excellent footage from 2 different cameras this time – one video camera on tripod and my Nikon d7000 with a 300mm lens – family laughed the 2nd day when I sat on the veranda all rigged up waiting for them

  2. You can contact me I have video footage from the 1st and 2nd Jan 2014 – Gordons Bay

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