Spotted Disk Shaped Object at RC Flying Club

Time and date: February 2014
Place: Boksburg
Submitted by: Null

Recently my Father and I along with two other individuals spotted a grayish blue disk shaped object, I say recently, it was more like a month and a half ago, from the time I have posted this, which makes it Feb 2014.

Moving on, I was at my RC Flying club in Boksburg, where one afternoon my Father and I decided to take out one of our newer model planes, that we just completed building, out for a test run, we were testing this plane/glider to see how long it will stay in the air before we had to bring it in.

So in that sense I was trying to find thermals so I could glide longer, that means, I would fly from one point to another, and after 10 minutes of flying and searching for thermals, we saw this disk shaped object, now it wasn’t flat like cartoons make out UFOs to be, but it wasn’t completely round either.

The colour of this object was like a reflective gray blue, more gray than blue, anyways I shouted out at the same time as my father when I saw it, my father called the other two RC pilots to come have a look, and they themselves were taken back at what they saw. I then said is that not maybe a satellite and I was told that could not be, because it wasn’t moving fast enough. Basically it was standing still, for a couple of minutes, after which it just vanished. I of course couldn’t watch it as I was piloting my glider back in for a landing so I could also see and observe what it could be. I ended up crashing my glider, and by then when I wanted to see this thing in the sky it was gone.

I researched weather balloons and other possibilities and can’t find something to disprove it from being a UFO.

Just for the record, we wouldn’t have seen this object if my glider wasn’t that particular spot because was so small, hence the fact I thought it could have been a satellite, our RC club is also really in the middle of nowhere so there wasn’t really anything obstructing our view apart from clouds.

Well that’s my first ever sighting, I was always skeptical about this stuff, but I have seen and witnessed it first hand, and I’m convinced it was a UFO.

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