Splitting Object | Outside Vredenburg, Western Cape

Date: 06/10/2013
Time: 2100 hours
Location: Farm outside of Vredenburg on the West Coast, Western Cape

On Sunday, 6 October we were standing on the porch of the farmhouse having a chat. My friend heard a very soft noise which he thought was an plane in the distance. All of a sudden he yelled trying to get our attention. What I saw was one light breaking into 6 pieces, all in a very straight line, moving at quite a speed. At one stage it was like looking into the windows of a jumbo jet flying past. Then it disappeared into thin air, almost like it was moving behind a cloud. Thing is, there were no clouds that evening, none! It was a crystal clear evening.

What gets me is that if this was a satellite or meteor, the pieces that broke away would fall behind the main object with the most momentum. When this one light broke up all the lights were in a very straight line, moving at exactly the same speed. This all lasted for about 5-6 seconds, so no chance of a photo I’m afraid. It was flying at a very low altitude.

I’ve seen satellites enter the atmosphere, and this definitely wasn’t something that was burning up as it entered.

One thought on “Splitting Object | Outside Vredenburg, Western Cape

  1. Donald Hutton

    Sounds like a jet dropping flares. Would explain the soft noise. The disappearance of the lights can be attributed to the flares fading.

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