Spiraling Blue Light in Port Elizabeth

Time and date: 7 July 2015 at ?
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Kore

On my way to work this morning and spotted something in the sky; the sun was coming up in the east and to the west I noticed a blue light about half the size of the moon, maybe a bit brighter, move half way across the sky spiral down in a very fast pace and disappear. My first time seeing something like that. Even though it was only for about 5 seconds it took my breath away.
I stay in Port Elizabeth, and work in Sidwell. When I saw the UFO I was on Kildare Road bout half way down.

One thought on “Spiraling Blue Light in Port Elizabeth

  1. fritz barnard

    Holly shit , I stay in kildare road and I also saw this. I thought I was seeing things. Sorry for the late reply.

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