Spheres in broad daylight East Rand

Date: 03/12/2017
Time: 05:30 pm
Place: Edenvale
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It’s quite weird to report this because logic tries to dismiss it. I was out in my garden with my family when I saw a white/silvery sphere in the sky. I figured it was pretty high because it actually went behind cirus clouds and was moving against the direction of the clouds, so I don’t think it was a balloon. My wife actually spotted another object the same description in the same area between the same cloud. Ended up seeing 3. About 10 minutes later I saw another object much brighter moving slowly overhead. My initial thought was that it was a kid playing with a drone over our house. But I realized it was too high. And the object didn’t have any discernible shape- sort of round, sort of “cigar” shape. It also seemed to twinkle between silver, green, black. I thought it was a balloon. I called up my brother who lives about 4km away. He could also see them. He looked through binoculars and said it seemed to be changing shape and the colours were not reflected but seems to be emitted. All in all we had 5 witnesses to this sighting. I took some pics with a cell. Not great but it’s there.

5 thoughts on “Spheres in broad daylight East Rand

  1. Where are the photos you took please send to me: stoffie7@gmail.com



  2. Please post a pic even if it’s not great. Join the Contact SA fb page.

  3. We saw aprox 40 ufos this year. Early evenings

    • I don’t know it could be a reflective blimp. That when increasing in spead causes chemtrails.Or if you believe in flat earth and have heard of project blue beam then it might be a holographic image.I mean if you increase the reflective density of dust particles or lower levels of the atmosphere enough they will have the same reflective capabilities to stop other light.I mean if you can see a rainbow in the sky what is to say you cant project other moving or non moving images into the sky using reflection or refraction of light correctly.I mean with so much advances in technology I think anything is possible.UFOs are more just an idea created by media to get you to believe in something other than religion or focus us together as a species,which is great if you believe in no variation of personal and societal belief systems etc.

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