Speeding Bright White Light then Disappears

Date: 22/05/2016
Time: 06:10 pm
Place: Weenen
Submitted by: Becky

I work at the local tearoom in the evenings and I was running late. My husband and I walked to the garage and I could not but help but admire the winter night sky. The massive moon rising and the Milky Way showing off her ‘diamonds and glitter’.
I then pointed out to my hubby this bright white light that was moving from south to north high on the eastern horizon. By now we know which aeroplanes are going to Durban from JHBurg or visa versa. So I asked my hubby where he thinks its going, and he guessed Dubai. And then I realised that there were no red/green flickering lights like an aeroplane.
I ran back to the house to get my glasses and yelled to my kids to come see this light. Everyone pealed out and as my daughters boyfriend suggested it was a plane, an aeroplane was flying in the same direction, and I said “that’s what an aeroplane looks like”.
Having the aeroplane in the sky to use as a comparison, this white light was 3 times bigger yet I sensed that it wasn’t lower than the aeroplane. Speed was like that of a sattelite, and the plane was about 4-5 seconds behind almost keeping the same pace, but seemingly gaining ground.
This bright fast moving light, just after half way got dimmer and smaller in such a short space of time. Almost as if ‘it’ put off its brights and shrunk.
Its the only way I can think of to discribe how it just went.
But ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think that aeroplane behind it was not haphazardly and coincedently behind it. Because the moment the plane reached the point where I last saw this light become a spec and no more, it, (the plane), started to turn to its left. Like it was going into a slow ‘u’ turn.
This all took about a minute and a half to two minutes before I lost sight of the plane behind the trees.
And I didn’t notice any engine sounds from either the big light or the aeroplane for that matter, which for a winter night is unusual.

3 thoughts on “Speeding Bright White Light then Disappears

  1. I saw the exact same thing today. Im scared

  2. Deon Joubert

    I saw something similar. When the UFO seems to get smaller it is because it is speeding away from the surface of the earth as it goes further up, it appears to get smaller and dimmer. The one I saw didn’t go up in a straight line, so it appears to be moving sideways while getting smaller.

  3. i have seen the same thing on 27-08-16. it moved towards us then stoped moved side to side the the light dimmed and then disappeared into space

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