Date: 06/10/2018
Time: 03:00 am
Place: Durban KZN
Submitted by: MrE


I was Stargazing spotting 4 shooting stars one being a circular shape burning on entry but not the sighting. As the moon began to rise I spotted 2 satellites one heading south and other east. I scanned from the east one back to the southbound and saw 2 flashes, there was a delayed crack explosive sound. I looked through my Binoculars to see if somethime else would happen and I saw a bright otange triangular ship flying to the North. I dropped the Binocs and lost it. After that sighting I spotted 6 individual high flying objects with jet engine trailing sounds. 3 went through orions belt to north one east over ocean and othe went north more inland. After the sun rose i xould not see the reflections anymore but still heard 1.

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