Space craft landing in sight

My name is Arnold and i have seen an UFO land/crash near my village @ Limpopo Polokwane. It had really bright lights and it had no sound but it was moving fast when i saw it land. The next day i went to look for it and i found it in one piece and its still there, but i never had anyone to tell about my discovery and i never told anyone about it because i knew if i told anyone about this they might think I’m crazy. I kept it a secret up untill this day. I hope my information is helpful to you.

4 thoughts on “Space craft landing in sight

  1. Hi Arnold, do you have photos you can post?

  2. Arnold, do you have any photos you can supply?

  3. Arnold, do you have any photos you can post?

  4. I believe your story – post a photo. Your not alone – would love to see this in person.

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