Something flying past the surface of the moon.

Date: 22/11/2018
Time: 07:35 pm
Place: Fourways
Submitted by: Zizi


I’ve been using my reflector 1000 x 130 telescope to observe the beautiful full moon we’ve been having. Today I was using my 20mm eyepiece without the moon filter when I saw something almost looks like a black dot zip past the moon. I had the best view using the eyepiece as it gave me a full view of the moon and dark space around it. At first i though it could be my eyelash the way it moved in and out of the picture. I then made certain that I have my eye open enough that my eye lashes would not come into contact with the lens in the eye piece. I saw the same dot, this time it made an impossible turn and sped in a different direction of the moon . I observed it until it reached the circumference of the moon and i could not see it against the dark space background. I decided to put my 10mm eyepiece for magnification, this time i put the moon filter which blocks out the glare of the moon and it gives a bluish tinge. I focused on one crater using my tracker on the equatorial mount, using the right ascension motion control, lo and behold , looked the same (black dot) but slightly bigger zipping across the moon in a second. Something is up there! I don’t know what it is.

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