Something falling seen over Fourways

Date: 17/05/2017
Time: 05:09 pm
Place: Fourways South Africa
Submitted by: Chere


Not sure what this was. I seemed to be the only one looking at it. I was in the traffic on William Nicol and to my right I saw something that looked like it was falling out of the sky. Maybe its space junk? It had a trail behind it like planes sometimes leave. It slowly fell as I lost it behind a billboard and I managed to get pics and a video once I passed the billboard. Its the tiny white spec on the left of the tree.

6 thoughts on “Something falling seen over Fourways

  1. I saw exactly the same object flying at great speed over Port Elizabeth in the direction of Jeffreys bay, We recorded it but recording was of poor quality and you can’t see it, the object had a massive smoke tail, maybe it was a meteor I have no idea?

  2. Strange I saw the exact same thing!

  3. Hi

    The photos are definitely interesting. Not the usual shape of a plane, although the trail does resemble a contrail.

    The trail is not really long/big. So a bit of a conflicting comment by Gerrit, although size can be relative I suppose.

    Observing the object during the day eliminates a lot of possible explanations for UFOs. Space junk does enter the atmosphere. Will have to check if any known objects re-entered.

    Have any of the photos been cropped?


    • Hi Sheldon

      I don’t recall dropping the pics but I still have them. I off loaded the pics to my pc.

  4. How long was it from the first photo to the last? How long was it observable?

    • Johann, the metadata of the attached photos indicates the photos were taken minutes apart. Photo 1 (first on the list) at 05:10 PM, Photo 2 at the same time and Photo 3 at 05:11 PM.

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