Small “sun” sighted again in Jeffrey’s Bay

Place: Jeffrey’s Bay
Time and date: 28 December 2012 at around 21:00
Submitted by: Lelanie Bestbier

Saw a bright orange star appear with the naked eye, went to get my binoculars to zoom in on it. It appeared to be a round ball and looked like It was on fire – intense orange glow (Like a mini sun).

It had no tail and no noise, though it was pretty far away, not exactly sure of the height but I would say higher than a airplane. It moved east to west very fast, in a straight line, then seem to change direction and went back west to east and disappeared into thin air.

After about two minutes, it came back again, same path and disappeared just like previous. My husband and son also saw this with me. 1st thought it’s a meteor, but it didn’t have a tail (it was just full round) and didn’t travel that fast, but way faster than an airplane.

6 thoughts on “Small “sun” sighted again in Jeffrey’s Bay

  1. Lelanie, we saw the same thing. I said it was about 10 pm in my report, but it well may have been 9.00. we were braaing at the time. I’m spending tonight on my deck with my video camera. Hope it comes back.

  2. Hi Dave, was also not sure about the time. It was really strange, I am not an expert, don’t know much about astrology, but that was not “normal”. I was just sitting on the stoep watching the sky and saw it appear and I thought it to be strange because stars don’t just appear and also don’t move! When I saw it through my binoculars, it just confirmed the strangeness!

  3. Hello Dave & Lelanie, I’m also sure that we are seeing the same strange orange orbs. I posted on this sight a few days ago, after my husband , myself two daughters and their husbands all saw the same amazing things in PE on Christmas eve. We are not ufo believers, but are always looking at the night sky…..very puzzling I must say. People all over the world are witnessing these orange orbs, and up to now I have not read of a good explanation for exactly what they are.We shall be keeping our eyes fixed on the night sky more than ever !

  4. Hi Pauline and Lelanie,
    I spent some time on my deck on the night of the 29th, as promised. At about 10.00 pm someone launched a chinese lantern from the beach (at Paradise Beach) and I followed this with my binocs. It also glowed orange but it was nothing like what we saw on the 28th. Firstly it was a lot smaller than the orb we saw and looking at it through my binocs, I could see what it was. The orb was “covered” by the orange/ yellow light, almost like a haze, and it was impossible to see what it was. Secondly the latern travelled up ( hot air from the candle makes it rise) and in a Easterly direction as there was gentle breeze from the West.
    On the 28th there was absolutely no wind at all. The orb travelled horizontally – impossible for a chinese lantern to do, and changed direction – also impossible for a lantern, particularly on a wind still night.

    I too have never believed in UFO’s but I really dont know what to make of this. Thank goodness it will be overcast tonight as I’m starting to irritate my family. I’m a bit obsessed like the guy in the movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3rd KIND. Remember the movie? 🙂

  5. Haha Dave. I’m also keeping an eye on the sky lately. Seeing a lot of lanterns tonight and with the naked eye you can’t really tell the difference, but when you look through binoculars… Haven’t seen one yet that look similar to what we saw – it was not the same! Lanterns are much lower and smaller and you can see them moving up, also none of them looked like a ball yet – you can see a haze around them. Unfortunately too cloudy to see higher than the clouds tonight…

    Pauline, seems a lot of people are seeing orange orbs lately, you never know if they are all the same, some might really well be lanterns, but I’m pretty sure there are some weird ones because I just don’t see how the one I saw could be anything explainable.

  6. Been seeing one of these orange lights tonight. Saw it about two weeks ago, and now tonight it totally freaked both my wife and I out. It was following the same “flight-path” as last time. Both my wife and I are pilots and we have never seen anything like it. Was zig zagging and also descending and climbing pretty damn fast! That’s about the time we freaked out. It came right over our house and as soon as it passed it went like a dim white, could still make out where it was. No noise, nothing. One moment over our house, the next it’s bloody far away going the opposite direction. Shows up every 10 to 15 min. Super weird. Doubt strongly that it’s chinese laterns! Weirdness.

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