Slow Glowing Lights and Flashes

Date: 26/01/2017
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: False Bay
Submitted by: Asherah


I was walking down my road and looking at the Sky and Stars. I noticed a slow glow among the Stars and thought it was an aeroplane. But the glow was at irregular intervals and then another glow started below it as if answering the one above it. Then there was a bright flash and a beam of light shot out from one of them. The glows continued sometimes bright and then dim for different amount of time, almost like a Lighthouse in the sky…but irregular. The two glows drifted towards and then passed each other, then there was a streak of light as if one had gone away at ‘warp speed’. Then it was over. I watched this for about 20 mins.
When I posted about it on Facebook, my friend has also seen them and was completely baffled and delighted like me 🙂

One thought on “Slow Glowing Lights and Flashes

  1. I have seen this twice myself and I am in Germiston. Seen on two different occasions a few weeks apart. It was over quickly so no camera on hand

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