Skye flashed green

Date: 11/01/2017
Time: 10:40 pm
Place: Johannesburg, Linden
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I was sitting on my balcony, and the clouds just illuminated green all of a sudden, like there was a green light behind them. Couldnt have been fireworks , it really illuminated a big area of clouds and I wouldve heard that. There was no sound. I cant think of anything that could’ve illuminated the clouds that bright green. It was really just a flash , didnt last long, nearly a second long.

2 thoughts on “Skye flashed green

  1. About a month back I witnessed the same thing. I was with a friend at the time and we both saw it. It was a huge aread of clothes that illuminated bright green. Couldn’t have been fireworks.
    I’m from phoenix, Durban…

  2. What time in the evening did this occur? If at sunset check out

    “Green flashes may be observed from any altitude. They usually are seen at an unobstructed horizon, such as over the ocean, but are possible over cloud tops and mountain tops as well. They may occur at any latitude, although at the equator the flash rarely lasts longer than a second.
    A green flash also may be observed in association with the Moon and bright planets at the horizon, including Venus and Jupiter.”

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