Six UFOs with Red Lights – Cape Town

Place: Milnerton, Cape Town
Time and date: Evening (7:15 – 7:30), 23 June (Sunday)
Submitted by: Rachel

Six unidentified objects crossed overhead the golf course adjacent to our house. They emitted orbs of reddish-orange light in their wakes, resembling Chinese lanterns but traveling at speed, and mostly flew in a formation of four towards the front, with two stragglers flying towards the rear.

We didn’t hear any noise, but we managed to capture the objects in photos, and on a few of the photos the distinct stubby, cylindrical shape of the UFO is visible.

At some point, one of the objects passed the moon and revealed a clear spherical shape, with its light source being held underneath its structure like an inverted candle flame. It’s nothing we can identify.

One of us was pretty clued up on aircraft and local airports, and confirmed that there was no reasonable explanation for the direction, shape, formation or speed of the flying objects.

Any ideas what we’re looking at?



9 thoughts on “Six UFOs with Red Lights – Cape Town

  1. It’s the PPC cement building’s lights in Montague Gardens.

  2. You looking at clouds moving in different directions, bcoz of strong winds up in the atmosphere,if you fly around like I do,you will know what I’m talking about

  3. I witnessed a similar event, earlier during the year in the Table View/Parklands area, except it was only one of these lights.

  4. I can see three flashing lights in the air 2 cape town sea point side and 1 @ ocean view side with flasching lights green on the sides an white on the centre they standing dead still time is 19h30 3 july in live in hanover park an have a nice view of the skies an mountains can any body tell me if they also notis this I don’t think it is a star in the sky

  5. myles bessant

    this is so true i live in llanedeyrn in cardiff in the united kingdom and my next door neibour said that theres was somthing there for a few weeks but i laughed it off but tonight she texted us an i rushed outside laughing and there it was really creepy so i ran in the house and grabed my tellescope but really hard to tell what it is from a dissance its flashing green and red but when zoomed up its like a ball of fire anybody els seen this are we looking at other life forums or isit just a star????????

  6. sabatina anthony

    My husband was driving down humewood drive in Tableview with me and my younger daughter when we notice a redish/orange object hovering in the distance. I got out of the car to video it but I was to late. the object went straight up into the sky as though it was going into space. Im so amazed. Did anybody else see this last night on the 12 July 2013. This was definitely no air craft. The time was 8:15

  7. Those are Night sky lanterns.

  8. We have also recently witnessed these. 1 august after 7-30 or 8pm. Milnerton area. There were quite a few of them. Bright orange / red balls of light, no sound. After a certain distance they dissapeared

  9. Skywatchers

    Come on people,if it’s multiple red/orange objects all moving in a straight line,same direction,similar speed and happens to just disappear further down the line then it is most
    Likely Chinese Lanterns. If the object happens to be stationary,stops while in its stride or suddenly changes direction then you should run for your camera.

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