Silver hovering object – Hartbeespoort

Time and date: 10 June 2015 at 15:30
Place: Hartbeespoort, North West
Submitted by: Martin Roos

On 2015-06-10 @ 15H30 I was traveling between towards Mooinooi from Harties on the R104 when I noticed a silver object (kind of like a blimp) on the North Western side of the road. The object was hovering about 2km away from where I was. I had to focus on the road, as the road is not very wide and there were cars approaching from the front. I glanced at the road, then I looked at the object again about 6 times. Then, I looked back at the road for a split second, and when I looked up the object was gone. I pulled off the road to look for the object, but it was GONE! The object did not make a sound (that was audible to me) and it had no lights.

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