Silent Black Triangle – Kimberley

Date: 04/05/2018
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Kimberley
Submitted by: Anonymous


I wen’t out of my home for a smoke at 11PM. I always look at the stars when I am outside at night. I noticed movement in the sky moving from the north. Firts I thought it was a satelite, but as I focused on the object I saw a second light moving with the first one I saw. Then I thought it was two birds flying in formation at night, but as I focused more and it came closer I noticed it was a triangle shaped object. The lights was on it’s “wing tips”. It was feint orange lights. The lights seemed to reflect light more than it emmitted the light. The craft was darker than the sky, but only just. It also reflected light as it passed overhead moving in a southernly direction. It made absolutely no noise at all and that was perhaps the most unsettling thing for me.

The sighting lasted about 10 seconds. I estimated the object to have been between 500 and 1000ft above the ground an moved at between 200 & 300kts. But this is just my estimate. It had a wingspan of maybe twice that of a Cessna C172.

I am a pilot and aviation enthusiast. What I saw was no known aircraft. The fact that it emmitted no sound was really unsettling. I extinguished my cigarette and went inside my house as soon as it passed. I always thought people who saw ufo’s were lying attention seekers or ignorant people not clued up on aircraft.

2 thoughts on “Silent Black Triangle – Kimberley

  1. Hi There, great sighting. Thank you for sharing, have you heard of the phoenix lights incident in Arizona in 1997? They are real and here, please see our website or CE-5 Academy on Youtube if you wish to connect and learn more. As crazy as this sounds, it was not random that you saw what you saw when you saw it. If you are curious, have an open mind and the answers will come to you.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ashley. I checked out the website and Youtube channel. I also read up on the Phoenix lights. Not at all like what I saw. It also didn’t look like the other triangles on the web. More like a flying wing.

    I am open minded, but all the hippie stuff about chakras and all that crap is downright crazy.

    I saw something I cannot explain. I reported it because I wanted to know if someone else saw it.

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