Sighting over Johannesburg

Date: 25/04/2016
Time: 10:30 pm
Place: Fourways
Submitted by: Nikita

My boyfriend was looking out from the balcony when he called me to come and look at something unusual that caught his attention in the sky. The more I looked at this object the more I realized that this was not a drone, or a weather balloon, or an airplane etc. It was too high up and moved very irratically. The bright and vividly colored changing lights were something I’ve never seen before. We grabbed my camera and managed I make many recordings of this object. We tried to follow this object and we took my camera to Cedar Square parking where there is a very clear, unobstructed view of the horizon. The object had now seemed to change shape, and it now moved less which allowed us to to get even more incredible footage that leaves me speechless. I was shocked at what I saw. I’ve never believed in anything “strange” or unexplained, until last night. The footage that I got is absolutely evident that this is not a hoax.

2 thoughts on “Sighting over Johannesburg

  1. Where’s the video? Images?

  2. Where is the footage?

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