Sighting directly above Durbanville

Time and date: 12 January 2015 at 22:00 – 23:00
Place: Durbanville, Cape Town
Submitted by: Rob


Hi all,

Last night (Jan the 12th) sometime between 22:00 and 23:00 I stepped outside on a call to my gf and as usual gawked at the stars as we spoke.

If I look South East from that vantage I look directly at Tygerberg hill. I spotted a bright star and at a centimetre of view, a dimmer one behind it – it was a crystal clear night sky.

Then I thought I was imagining movement, as one does and tried to gauge whether the front, brighter one was moving away from the dimmer one in a North Westerly (directly toward me but extremely high up) direction.

I believed it was, so set my gaze on a different stationary star and the movement became very clear. Both of them were moving and as that thought dawned on me the front object lost a LOT of glow.

Now both equally bright they changed direction. By this time my flatmate was next to me and my phone call over as we watched the objects change direction.

There were no zig-zag movements, but quite clearly one could make out how the front would change direction yet the back one would only shift its heading slightly, as if an attempt to gain distance.

I do not know what we saw – the brightness all of a sudden dimming to a satellite’s glow only tells me that whatever it was, it was extremely high up. We know for a fact that the directional change was not our imagination.

Keep your eyes up guys 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sighting directly above Durbanville

  1. I truly believe in this story…I live in bonnie brook kraaifontein and 20th of January 2015 I stepped outside to look up at the stars, and to my point of view it looked like to very dimmed light flying across the sky like they were chasing one another…then suddenly they both witch looked like to me a u turn in the sky and flew back the other way… I do not know what it was but i wish I could find out.

  2. I saw the same two bright orange stars / lights in an easterly direction over the durbanville area / tygerberg hill. I live in West Beach. The one was brighter and bigger than the other and hung dead still. Eventually it faded behind the clouds. A glow was still coming through the clouds from the bigger light. This was the evening of 25 March 2015 around 22h00.

  3. Hi Annamarie. Please see my previous response to the Durbanville lights. What you saw was real, but only a tiny part of the whole, amazing story.

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